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Striving Sisters Speak! (S3!)


Striving Sisters Speak!!! (S3) is the self-named flagship program of the Ella Baker Women’s Center for Leadership & Community Activism.


History: S3! was launched in 2007 by a group of African American high-school aged young women of color that live in housing communities in Chapel Hill, NC and a dedicated group of activists and students:

COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS: Ms Serena Bethea (local activist), Ms. Deloris Bailey (EmPOWERment), Ms. Stacey Craig (Public Allies)

UNC STUDENTS: Grad Student: Jennifer Mease; MURAP (Moore Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program) Students: Joaquin Sanchez, Jr., Elisa Oceguera, Alysa Campbell, and Connie Iloh.

FOUNDING YOUTH: (Cassandra L; Ty’Leshia B., Tashiana C., Teanna C.; Tiffany M.; Ebony R.; Bianca W., Ashley W.)


Our Mission: To build multi-generational coalitions where youth and adults work together for social justice in our communities and beyond, with a central focus on women and girls’ empowerment and agency.

We are in Phase 2 of a three-phase process:

 Phase 1 (2007): Launching of a youth-adult partnership connecting high school-aged young women with adult   activists working on youth identified projects.

 Phase 2 (2008-Present): Expansion of the partnership with youth coaches working with a new cohort of youth activists (rising 9th graders and newcomers to the neighborhood);

          Phase 3 (–): Replicating the partnership model in other neighborhoods.


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